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By Sarah Roberts. Young women with a hecarves walk past a sex shop in Berlin in this July 12, file photo. Young Muslim women living in Berlin said they were in favour of lifting the ban on hecarves in Turkish universities as the reform was announced February 7, Around 3. Many of the Turkish immigrants in Kreuzberg came from conservative Anatolia, where the hecarf is commonly worn, rather than the more Europeanized cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

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Turkish culture flourishes here in cafes, grocery shops, clubs for young Turks, political groups and mosques. Aboutpeople with a Turkish background live in Berlin.

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The simple traditional hecarf, knotted under the chin, will be allowed at Turkish colleges but the wraparound hijab, seen as a statement of political Islam, will remain banned. He argues he is boosting personal and religious freedom by allowing women to wear a hecarf on university campuses.

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Sinem, a student at the Robert Koch High School in Kreuzberg who wears a hecarf and refused to give her last name, also said the matter should be left to individual choice. She would like to work for the police but the hecarf is banned from the Berlin police force, as is any other religious symbol, including the crucifix.

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A final vote on the change in Turkey is expected to go through on Saturday amid substantial opposition from the secular elite who say allowing hecarves will encourage a stronger Islamic presence in the secular state, an argument which finds some resonance in Berlin. It should stay as it is.

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Women want sex Ankara

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