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The final section of this article includes graphic personal s of harm featured on the anonymous Tumblr Swat Fraternities Must Go. It also includes personal s of sexual violence and other forms of harm from current Swarthmore students, who have chosen to be named. All redactions are noted using brackets and capital letters. Where an individual is named, the redactions read [NAME]. Where the documents reference multiple individuals within the same sentence, Voices has used s to distinguish individuals from one another, according to the order in which names appear within the sentence e.

This ing system starts over with the beginning of each new sentence, thus, an individual referred to as [NAME 1] in one sentence is the first person to be referenced in that sentence and is not necessarily the same individual referred to as [NAME 1] in any following sentence. The documents in the archives contain many links to videos, some of which are pornographic. Some of the videos linked in the documents have since been removed. Aside from these redactions and link warnings, all content in the following s appears exactly as it does in the original documents.

There was also a document from Fall of Below are some quotations and screenshots from various documents in the archives.

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At least two of the files were ed to the drive folder by current Phi Psi fraternity members. It is unclear whether other current members of the fraternity have access to these files or know that they exist. This leak occurred amidst recent intensified social scrutiny directed at both fraternities. Most recently, Phi Psi fraternity members made crude remarks and joked about sexual assault on Instagram.

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Since the was launched, more than forty-five submissions have been posted, which have been shared widely on social media. Many of the stories circulating on campus now suggest a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, and elitist culture within fraternities. The s and testimonies of harm within the fraternities from mirror the behavior that Phi Psi members documented in and Below are descriptions of what was found in the leaked archive folder, as well as testimonies from current and past students about Phi Psi.

Voices has chosen to include only some of the contents of the hundreds of documents in the archives in the body of this article; the quotes and screenshots below are just a sample. A myth. A masquerade fashioned by elitist feminists to legitimize their own troubles. I just could not comprehend how a man could allow a woman to sexually conquer him without putting up a fight. This view, however, completely changed after this past Thursday. Deflowered, if you will. She tickled his tits, groped his cock, and rubbed her wet vag all over his neatly pressed khakis.

An all out estrogen mugging. I know exactly what you are thinking. Ahhh [NAME] that hilarious! Not only do I have a nice 26 second video of the molestation, but there are some glorious screen shots as well. It appears that the female, her back to the camera, is unaware she is being filmed. Since Voices first obtained access to the leaked archives, this video has been removed from the internet. Looks like someone stuffed a juicy watermelon inside of a tube sock. I feel like the only move at this point is manifest destiny.

I mean am I wrong? Expand our territory and wipe out every other group in our path. First stop WRC next stop BCC […] Just taking over one building at a time until we possess enough building space to start our own milf sex trafficking ring. God that would be so hot. Anyways, it was so packed in Phi after the concert that I was legitimately scared of being accused of sexual harassment for rubbing up against so many tits.

Every time I turned around I felt like I just whacked a girl in the cans. Should be a good one! I have no further comment on this story. You can do what you please. Refusing to give you name and they just give up. Like they garner no respect from anyone.

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No one even stopped their illegal activities when they entered the house. Your parties suck, you have both a rape tunnel AND a rape attic gotta choose one or the other. It was a good windup too. The Phoenix reported on this incident, but no perpetrators were identified at the time. The IC now has surveillance cameras aimed at its doors, due to this incident. This date appears to be incorrect, as the class years of members referenced in this particular document do not match up with the dates that they attended Swarthmore College.

The entry references events that cannot have occurred earlier than the Fall of You guys make the minutes, I just sit behind my laptop and craft offensive shit. Upon investigation, based on the timestamps of linked images and videos in this document, it appears this entry was actually written in We unequivocally condemn and reject the obscene and hurtful remarks made in these documents. We are thankful for the extensive discussion and exceptional dialogue between the Swarthmore Administration and other student groups that has led to a transformation of the fraternity in recent years.

They also contain candid photographs and videos of members kissing, groping, and touching women. We can infer that the women were not aware that these photos were being taken, due to the candid and intimate nature of the images, as well as the fact that many had their backs turned to the camera.

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To protect the women in these photos, we are not sharing any of them. These documents in full, as written by at least one then-Phi Psi member, with all identifiable information redacted by Voicescan be found here. He stole a tap from Bryn Mawr, argued with the police and was bailed out with Phi Psi money.

How did she get those nicknames? On lips.

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Get a picture of 2 hot girls kissing you on the cheek. The girls must be holding the dildo while in the picture. Other individual tasks required members to engage with sexual content. Pretend as if you think your headphones are plugged in and that you are totally oblivious. You have to sit there for at least a minute. In its written statement to Voices, on behalf of the fraternity, Phi Psi confirmed that it regularly holds an event in Philadelphia for its members. It is unclear whether this Philadelphia scavenger hunt is the event to which it is referring.

All of these components provide our new brothers with the tools to be upstanding members of our community and active facilitators of safe social spaces. I was never forced to do anything I did not want to do, peer-pressured to do anything I did not want to do, nor did I ask anybody else to do the same. In none of these instances did the adjudication process find participants responsible for violating the hazing policy, though some instances found violations of Alcohol and Social Events Management policies.

It found no reports of hazing in or Interviews with community members who have attended fraternity parties and have friends in the fraternities suggested that Phi Psi may actively participate in hazing.

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They put chili powder in their mouths, I think. There was one time when my roommate and his friends were not doing well after an event, and I was really worried so I had to help take care of them. Before, after, and at the same time as the historical archive was being kept, Phi Psi was partnering with women on campus in anti-violence work, and was publicly declaring its commitment to eradicating sexism, homophobia, and racism within the organization. It was helpful for the brothers to get a sense of how their peers viewed them and to bring to light things that they did not know or, in some cases, chose not to know.

I am thankful for the activism, truly, but also satisfied with the of the referendum. This project served to raise awareness about assault, rape, domestic abuse, and other forms of gender-based violence by inviting students, faculty, and staff to de t-shirts that were later hung on a clothesline on Parrish Beach.

Phi Psi also hosted an event called The Power of Words, where members handed out badges and stickers explaining the ways in which language can perpetuate violence.

Women looking hot sex Swarthmore

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Women looking hot sex Swarthmore