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You prayed for spoilers and here they are. Very spoilery about Saint Maud and its shocking ending. She even sports angel wings as the film draws to a close, while in the closing moments of the film the sky opens and what looks like a light-filled route to heaven is revealed.

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Saint Maud begins and ends with a dead woman on a bed, covered in blood. The first is the patient in the hospital where Maud used to work, whose death drove Maud to leave the NHS and start working as a private nurse. The second is Amanda, brutally and frantically stabbed to death by Maud. Maud has come to religion after that hospital death, looking for a spiritual home.

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For Maud, pain becomes a release and an expression of love. Her self-mortification is horrendous to watch, as she uses her physical body to prove her commitment to God: sticking needles through her insoles then placing them in her trainers, she stands up, steeling herself to push her feet down into them.

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Then she walks carefully through the town. She complains to God that she know has nothing, and self-doubt sends her back briefly to her old life. She gets dressed up and goes out to a bar, drinking by herself. The often childlike Maud, with no one to guide her, is increasingly caught up in the external imagery of religion and even its tropes.

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She begins to wrap herself in old beige bedsheets, teemed with a chunky crucifix necklace. At last she looks the part, a traditional holy person, another way of showing her devotion and difference to the world. God tells her he has one last test for her, and Maud returns to the gloomy house. Amanda finally admits to her that she faked her own response in the episode of religious ecstasy they shared, and that there is no God. Amanda dies with a gurgle and a splutter. After killing Amanda, Maud goes home and waits until morning. Then she wraps herself in a clean sheet and walks down to the beach.

There she stands on the shore and pours flammable liquid over herself. While beachgoers stand aghast, Maud clicks a lighter and is enveloped in flames. Read my four-star review of Saint Maud. Amazon uk. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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