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This month, subscribers to Netflix in the United States will have one more chance to watch an uproariously funny game show, a beloved girl-power comedy, a family film that adults may love more than kids and two wild cult comedies. Learn more about them below.

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Dates reflect the final day a title is available. But if you do love shoot-outs, or if you love inventive gunplay and threatening gun-cocking and artful relo and the films of John Woo, boy is this the movie for you. Stream it here.

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Plenty of filmmakers have livened up family movies by sliding in winking gags and pop culture references for the grown-ups. And he apparently instructed his leading man, Johnny Depp, to voice the role as a riff on his turn as Hunter S. A frenzied, impatient pop culture connoisseur, he is quick with a quip and so sly with his insults that they often fly past their targets.

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But the stakes are low and the games are silly; the show exists primarily as a vehicle for his unique sensibility and wit. Tom Hanks is in top form as the by-the-books treasury agent on his tail, but the M. When this Reese Witherspoon vehicle hit theaters ina fair of critics dismissed it as lightweight, disposable fluff — a reaction strangely appropriate to this story of a young woman whose peers underestimate her based on looks and impressions.

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But just as Elle Woods thrived, against all odds, at Harvard Law School, this summer comedy has become a cultural touchstone thanks to its quotable dialogue, masterfully modulated lead performance and timeless message about self-determination in the face of adversity. Here, that man is Edward Snowden played with quiet dignity by Joseph Gordon-Levittthe National Security Agency contractor who became the whistle-blower for one of the largest illegal surveillance operations in history. Stone tells the tale with his trademark bristling intelligence and righteous indignation, and he marshals an impressive supporting cast, including Nicolas Cage, Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto and Tom Wilkinson.

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But fans of indie comedy had been watching him for years, primarily as one-half alongside Kyle Gass of the comical music duo Tenacious D, a kind of Smothers Brothers for former metal he. Inthe duo made a play for mainstream popularity with this movie, which chronicles their epic quest for a magic guitar pick.

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