Swingers out in nature

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With difficult obstacles, and in an aesthetically cute venue, this is a perfect place for a date, whether first or not! Getting to know someone while doing an activity or playing a game eases awkwardness and can really bring out your personality in a charming way. Swingers is based in London and opened up in DC in June Indeed, guests must be 21 years old or older to visit the club.

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At each of the nine-holes of this golf course, a caddie will be available to offer you advice on how to complete the course or help you fill up or drink. Two nine-hole courses are available to play; either the Clocktower course or the Waterwheel course.

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The Clocktower course gets its name from the foot clocktower at the center of the course. It has loops and corkscrews that are harder to get by than you may think.

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The Waterwheel course is full of obstacles like jumps, bumps, big drops, and moving parts. Order a cocktail that was deed by innovative and modern bartenders, serving a delicious drink that will make this fun night even better. Like nothing sounds more fun than playing a fun game of mini-golf, with an inventive cocktail in your hand at a place that serves luscious DC-centric food!

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A new location is opening up in Navy Yard for Summer ! It will be a two-floor, 24,square-foot space!

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Looking for a new date idea? How about Swingersthe hottest mini gold course in DC!

Swingers out in nature

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