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Ten years ago, I stopped in at the hospital on my way to a Connecting in Love, weekend workshop, to see how my friend, teacher, mentor, was doing. I stood at his bedside, talked to him, though I doubt he heard me, stroked his hand, stroked his face, told him I loved him. And then I headed north to the workshop.

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By the time I reached the venue Stan had died, peacefully, surrounded by friends and family. So long old friend…. These days I meet a lot of people at HAI events who never met Stan, or saw him once or twice but never really knew him.

Thousands of people have participated in HAI workshops and events since Stan was around. While at the geisha house, in a conversation with the owner, Stan was invited and gratefully accepted the offer to come live there and learn about the geisha tradition.

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Stan observed the geisha training — their commitment to treating people with dignity, understanding, compassion and respect. His experience there fostered his intention to treat everyone he interacted with in a loving and accepting manner and to also teach others how to honor each other. Returning to the States after his service, Stan went back to his career in radio.

For a brief period Stan was the voice of The Shadow. Ultimately Stan originated and hosted one of the first psychology-based call-in talk shows. At the time, station owners were concerned with losing their FCC Broadcast if they allowed talk about those taboo topics on the air.

Part lecture, part exercises, part sharing, Stan created an event to help people explore, experience and talk about this very human, yet very hidden activity — SEX. At the same time Stan began to integrate the lessons of his geisha experience into these events. Inafter being forced off the air in Chicago for being too supportive of the anti-war movement, Stan moved to Santa Rosa, California. And he began looking for a venue for his workshops.

He hoped to locate the workshops at a site that was conducive to deep personal exploration, with room to grow.

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Stan used to say of the workshops, that it was as if he had found a big beautiful gem lying on the path in front of him and he picked it up and began to polish it. That gem was HAI. Stan held advanced degrees in psychology and sociology from Roosevelt University, Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Applied Psychology.

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He was a truly happy man who genuinely loved people. And Stan had an amazing capacity to see and respond to that love in everyone. Really, everyone.

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Personally, Stan let me know, again and again, the love and esteem he had for me. And, as I listened to all who spoke at his Memorial Gathering, I heard so many share their version of that same experience. I wish you all could have known him and he could have known you.

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So long old friend… These days I meet a lot of people at HAI events who never met Stan, or saw him once or twice but never really knew him. Type and press Enter to search.

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My Friend, Stan Dale