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Monroe Elementary.

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London, OH Office Staff:. Cindy Vaughn. Building Admin. Allie Allen. School Counselor. Jennifer Korn. Student Services Director. Denise English. Student Services Admin. Mark Fenik. Transportation Director. Hours of Operation:. Office : a. Student Hours :. First Bell: a. Tardy Bell: a. Dismissal: p. Students should be dropped off between a. Students who need to be dropped off earlier should inquire about Monroe's Latchkey program. Twitter: MonroeElem2.

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We at Monroe Elementary are happy to welcome you to our school community! Our Vision, which was developed with the input of teachers, parents, and community members, states:. Monroe Elementary School is a community of students, families, and staff who feel welcomed inclusively, positively, and safely for learning and relationships to grow and flourish. We strive to inspire a passion for self-motivated lifelong learning and work to insure our students will be responsible and productive citizens. I encourage you to take part in our school community by volunteering in the building, participating in our Parent-Teacher Organization, attending family events, and by communicating regularly with teachers and staff.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions or concerns at or In accordance with Ohio law, as upheld by the Supreme Court inpublic schools may charge fees for materials not textbooks or administrative charges used in the classroom. Should this not be done or not conscientiously addressed, the student s will not be eligible to participate in special activities throughout the course of the year. Fee waiver forms are required for students who receive free lunches if their families wish to have their fees waived.

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These forms are due by September 30th. It is the policy of Jonathan Alder Local Schools to allow photographs and video footage of students to be used in district produced materials including but not limited to websites, brochures, posters, and other printed materials. Students may be identified by name in printed material to provide them with recognition opportunities when appropriate. Students will not be identified by name on Internet sites. Any parent not wishing for their child to be photographed or videotaped should contact the school for a form to waive this right.

Our staff values the family as the primary educator and child care provider for our students. The PTO has been established in order to foster positive, productive interactions among parents and teachers that benefit children. If you are interested in more information or want to volunteer, please contact a PTO officer. Messages for students may be taken by the office when there is an emergency or when it is essential for a student to receive information. Students are not usually called to the phone. Since office telephones are constantly in use for school business, students may not use an office telephone to call home unless there is an emergency.

Parents are encouraged to call teachers when they have questions. Teachers will return calls within 24 hours during their workday. All individuals visiting the school for any reason must report first to the office. If it should be necessary to speak with a student or teacher directly, the office personnel will make the proper arrangements. Meetings with teachers during their plan time must be arranged with the teacher in advance. School closing, because of inclement weather, will be announced on major radio stations. Unscheduled closing due to equipment failure or weather may also occur.

Each child should know where to go if an emergency arises and school is dismissed early. The State of Ohio allows five calamity days before makeup is required. See calendar for make-up plan. For better communication with the school, please make all after school plans for your child the night before. Please inform the office of any changes in routine by P.

Parent pickup and drop off will be in the front parking lot. If you are just dropping off or picking up, you may pull up to the front curb, drop off or pick up, and then pull out. This should be a single file line. A staff member will ensure your child gets to your car. Children are not allowed to walk into the parking lot without an adult with them. Children could be injured if drivers pass each other.

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The front curb lane is not for parking. Please park in the parking lot if you need to have a conversation or come into the building.

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All other vehicles should park in the a parking spot and use the front entrance. Thank you for working with us to make our arrivals and dismissals as safe as possible! The School provides transportation for all students who live farther than one 1 mile from school. The transportation schedule and routes are available by contacting the Director of Transportation at Students may only ride ased buses and must board and depart from the bus at ased bus stops Students will not be permitted to ride unased buses for any reason other than an emergency, except as approved by the Principal. Parents should send a note to the principal stating the reason for the request and the duration of the requested change.

Bus Conduct. Students who are riding to and from school on District provided transportation must follow all basic safety rules. This applies to school owned buses as well as any contracted transportation. This also includes any person riding transportation for any reason. Field trips, athletic events, etc. The driver may as seating or direct students in any reasonable manner to maintain transportation safety. Students must comply with the following basic safety rules:. Prior to loading on the road and at schooleach student shall:. Drivers will not wait for students who are not at their deated stops on time.

During a tripall passengers shall observe the following rules to insure the safe operation of the school bus. These rules are issued in conjunction with State Law and school policy. Drivers are responsible for enforcing the rules and passengers will be held able for their actions.

Failure to follow the rules may result in disciplinary action. When students need to be excused from physical activity from PE, they will also be required to sit out of physical activity at recess until the school receives a release from the physician. Children are not to bring their personal belongings without permission from their teacher. The school will not be responsible for lost or broken items.

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Examples include portable radios, game boys, dolls, toys etc. In addition, baseballs, softballs and wood and metal bats are never allowed at school. Recess will always be supervised by Jonathan Alder Employees. We will spend time teaching our students the playground rules and expectations at the beginning of the year. Reminders of appropriate choices will be given on a consistent basis.

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