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Welcome to Girls contact rugby. SCC Academy Girls Contact At the SCC Rugby Academy we have always been very lucky to have lots of girls playing as part of mixed teams on Saturday mornings β€” and this is something that we continue to encourage, particularly at the younger age groups up to and including the U12s.

We also offer contact rugby tailored specifically to girls on Sundays U10 β€” U18 from Our aim is to increase the popularity of girls rugby and the of girls playing contact, to provide them with as many opportunities as possible to play rugby games and tournaments in Singapore and overseas. There are a growing of girls only rugby tournaments that provide more and more opportunity for game time. After U12s and under SRU rules girls must play in single sex teams for contact rugby. We offer specific contact training on Sunday mornings in addition to Touch training.

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Some girls only train at contact rugby, some do Touch training on Sundays and then in the contact training, to further develop their contact rugby skills. We consider our training to be of the highest standard in Singapore with experienced coaches involved in rugby at the very best levels in Singapore. COACHES We have a great line-up of coaches to support your development as a rugby player β€” whether you are already an experienced player looking to hone your skills, currently a Touch player looking to convert to contact, or a beginner looking to take up the sport for the first time.

Sunday mornings At 9. Age: UU Beginners and experienced players are welcome. After the trial, then you can up and become a member. Please hit the button below and. Sarah will help you with the registration process before you training for the first time.

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Payment terms can be found here. Scholarship places are available to support players from local schools provided they meet our criteria. This is assessed by our head coaches.

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As a club we pride ourselves on the mix of local and the expat players. That will entitle you to the contact rugby sessions free of charge.

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If you want to the fun, hit the button below and. .

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Rugby girls for sex

email: [email protected] - phone:(565) 910-2198 x 1400

Women’s rugby is growing fast so now is the time to invest even more