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Physically, you might be perfectly healthy, but your mind is telling you a need a day off. So what should you do when the urge to play hooky hits? Most bosses may frown upon employees who fake sick to spend a day at the beach, but going AWOL from the office is something many people do occasionally.

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Advocates of the occasional unexpected absence from work say it can be restorative, provided you do it right. Scheduling a vacation day to recharge is your best bet, and is the option least likely to do damage to your career and relationship with your employer.

If looming deadlines and huge projects have you longing — but unable — to flee, give yourself a smaller but still restorative break. An extra-long lunch away from the office can give you some much-needed time to recharge. Try meeting up with a friend or just dining on your own to give yourself a mental break.

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Better yet, spend a few minutes in a nearby green space. A short walk in the park as opposed to on crowded city streets can help reduce stress and improve your ability to focusaccording to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Skipping out on work with unfinished projects on your desk is sure to provoke the ire of your boss, not to mention annoy your co-workers. Plus, it will keep your colleagues on your good side. You can make their life easier by not leaving them to put out the fires caused by your absence. When fibbing about an illness, make sure your lie is believable.

If you are going to play hooky from work, stay off of social media, especially if you told your boss you were home with the flu or food poisoning. It might just make improve your mood. People who took a one-week break from Facebook reported being happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who continued to use the site, according to a study by the Happiness Research Institute. Ditch all the trappings of the office on your day off — stay off the computer and resist any temptation to check your. For some, time away from the daily grind might be best spent hitting the slopes or relaxing on the beach.

Others might want to take in a ballgame, go the movies, or simply curl up with a good book. Whatever you decide to do on with your unexpected time off, focus on enjoying yourself, rather than feeling bad about not being in the office.

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Follow Megan on Facebook and Twitter. Meet all your deadlines Skipping out on work with unfinished projects on your desk is sure to provoke the ire of your boss, not to mention annoy your co-workers.

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8 Ways You Should Play Hooky From Work