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All rights reserved. Home Sentence Not-quite Not-quite sentence example not-quite. It is not quite certain whether a true pepsin exists in plants, but many trypsins have been discovered, and one form of erepsin, at least, is very widespread. Their function is not quite clear. The birds of Liberia are not quite so peculiar as the mammals. He adds, what is not quite clear from one who so frankly acknowledges his limited acquaintance with the science, that he had reason to congratulate himself that he knew no more.

But the destruction of Jerusalem is not quite unique, and somewhat later we meet with indirect evidence for at least one similar disaster upon which the records are silent. But the exact meaning which he attaches to such expressions is not quite clear; and they occur, moreover, only incidentally and with the air of current phrases mechanically repeated. It is not quite certain whether these are to be regarded as the remnant of an earlier excretory system, replaced among the Oligochaeta by the subsequently developed paired structures, or whether these "head kidneys" are the first pair of nephridia precociously developed.

There is further a small transit trade through Transcaucasia from Persia to the value of less than half a million sterling annually, and chiefly in carpets, cocoons and silk, wool, rice and boxwood; and further a sea-borne trade between Persia and Caucasian. He thus set up a formal theory of allegorical exegesis, which is not quite extinct in the churches even yet, but in his own system was of fundamental importance. Other European countries, though not quite so prolific as Germany, bore some ornithological fruit at this period; but.

His exploits in the conflict have been sympathetically related by his brother, who, if he was not quite an impartial witness, was one of the best military critics of the time. It is probable, though not quite certain, that the first suggestions as to this marriage alliance emanated secretly from the Austrian chancellor, Metternich. Inwhen they were converted to Islam, Ibn Foslan found them not quite nomadic, and already having some permanent settlements and houses in wood. Even though the hill hachures on the older one-inch maps are not quite satisfactory, this deficiency is in a large measure compensated for by the presence of absolutely trustworthy contours.

He had not quite the distinguished bearing looked for in an emperor. But even this did not quite complete the distance, and the line was carried on for still another kilometre and there stopped, " with its pair of rails gauntly projecting from the permanent way " Fraser, The Short Cut to India, Along the west coast of Greenland the mountains are generally not quite so high, but even here peaks of and ft. Those parts of it which run through Russian territory in Transbaikalia m. When carbon dioxide is passed into this solution the whole of the added oxide, and even part of the oxide of the normal salt, is precipitated as a basic carbonate chemically similar, but not quite equivalent as a pigment, to white lead.

By means of a simple arrangement, which will be described farther on, this process can be carried out in a few seconds, and the metal can be brought as often as desired to a definite condition, which, if not quite identical with the virgin state, at least closely approximates to it.


A large sand bar obstructs the entrance to the river, which is not quite 1 m. What is not quite so generally known is the fact that Leopold slackened at once and would have been quite content with the of these earlier victories had not the pope stiffened his resistance by forming a Holy League between the Emperor, Poland, Venice, Muscovy and the papacy, with the avowed object of dealing the Turk the coup de grace March 5, Yet it can scarcely be denied that several of the " foreign " novelists have contributed a wholesome, if not quite Magyar, element of form or thought to literary narrative style in Hungary.

Unfortunately the exact nature of these men's performances is not quite clear, for it is said to have been connected with " harps set to the sheminith," or according to another interpretation, with " harps over the tenors. It is not found in a wild state and the auffalo bos caffer is almost if not quite extinct in the Transvaal. Ammonia is also active, but not quite in the same manner as the alkali hydroxides. So various are the conditions of selfregulation in various animals, both in respect of their peculiar and several modes of assimilating different foods, and of protecting themselves against particular dangers from without, that, as we might have expected, the bloods taken from different species, or even perhaps from different individuals, are found to be so divergent that the healthy serum of one species may be, and often is, poisonous to another; not so much in respect of adventitious substances, as because the phases of physiological change in different species do not harmonize; each by its peculiar needs has been modified until, in their several conditions of life, they vary so much about the mean as to have become almost if not quite alien one to another.

An analysis shows that not quite two in every thousand Burmese profess Christianity, and there are about the same of Mahommedans among them. The actual formation of this salt is not quite clear; but it is certainly conditioned by the simultaneous contact of decaying nitrogenous matter, alkalies, air and moisture. The renunciation was not quite thorough, one party adhering to the Roman Church as Romo-Syrians, the others reverting wholly to Syrian usages and forming to-day about three-fourths of the whole community.

Its political position between 64 and 41 B. The pieces do not quite reach the level of Chinese monochrome porcelains, but their inferiority is not marked. Although, since his infancy, he had only visited England once inwhen he came to see the Great Exhibitionhe was not quite unknown in the cultured and artistic world of London, as he had made many friends during a residence in Rome of some two years or more after he left Frankfort in Some fragments came from Arretium, others, not quite so good, were of local work, but of the same style.

At the instant that the original wave reaches F the wave from E has travelled to a circle of radius very nearly equal to EF- not quiteas S is not quite in the plane of the rails. If the fork has slightly greater frequency, then a white line will not quite reach the next place while the fork is making its swing ip and out, and the waves will travel against the motion of the cylinder. E flat as key-note introduces another flat, and so on, each flat not quite coinciding with a sharp but at a very small interval from it.

Further, the greater the dissipation of energy the less is the prominence of the amplitude of vibration for exact coincidence over the amplitude when the periods are not quite the same, though it is still the greatest for coincidence.

When two notes are not quite in unison the resulting sound is found to alternate between a maximum and minimum of loudness recurring periodically. The Saxons, however, were not quite subdued; risings took place from time to time, and the opponents of Henry IV. Though each girder has been made continuous over the four spans it has not quite the proportions over the piers which a continuous girder should have, FIG. It follows from Quesnay's theoretic views that the one thing deserving the solicitude of the practical economist and the statesman is the increase of the net product; and he infers also what Smith afterwards affirmed, on not quite the same ground, that the interest of the landowner is "strictly and indissolubly connected with the general interest of the society.

The feeding of carnivores is on the whole the most easy; the chief pitfall being the extreme liability of all except the larger forms to fatal digestive disturbances from food that is not quite fresh. Although, however, the historical books generally are constructed upon similar principles, the method on which these principles have been applied is not quite the same in all cases. Somewhat later than " J," another writer, commonly referred to as " E," from his preference for the name Elohim " God " rather than " Jehovah," living apparently in the northern kingdom, wrote down the traditions of the past as they were current in northern Israel, in a style resembling generally that of " J," but not quite as bright and vivid, and marked by small differences of expression and representation.

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The various calculations are not quite easy to harmonize, but the extent of choice for the year of Herod's death is limited to the years 4 and 3 B. The origin of this title is not quite clear. He could not quite carry out this intention, but a great part of his reign was occupied with his Indian campaigns. The most obvious distinctions between Totaninae and Tringinae may be said to lie in the acute or blunt form of the tip of the bill with which is associated a less or greater development of the sensitive nerves running almost if not quite to its extremity, and therefore greatly influencing the mode of feeding and in the style of plumage - the Tringinae, with blunt and flexible bills, mostly assuming a summer-dress in which some tint of chestnut or reddish-brown 1 These are Phalaropus fulicarius and P.

In style they are not quite the same: now they are brief and now diffuse: sometimes they are carelessly written, sometimes so carefully as to avoid hiatus, e. Nevertheless, being a man, he did not quite succeed. The sultan Mahommed, however, set at liberty his eldest son Malik Shah, who reigned for some time, until he was treacherously murdered it is not quite certain by whombeing succeeded by his brother Masud, who established himself at Konia Iconiumfrom that time the residence of the Seljuks of Ram.

These two operations are not quite equivalent, since a weight added to the interior does not affect the volume of liquid displaced when the instrument is immersed up to a given division of the scale, while the addition of weights to the exterior increases the displacement.

In the above table for Sikes's hydrometer two densities are given corresponding to each of the degrees 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90, indicating that the successive weights belonging to the particular instrument for which the table has been calculated do not quite agree.

When not quite six months old he lost his sight by smallpox, and his career is largely interesting as that of one who achieved what he did in spite of blindness. I am not quite sure that this method of weighting was not first used by the throwsters, as sugar is known to have been used for adulterating and loading gum silk for a very long time, and then the idea was afterwards applied to silk after the dyeing operations.

There were four chief gates, not quite symmetrically placed. They had accepted the teaching of Paul of Samosata, though at a later period the name of Paul was believed to be that of the Apostle; and they were not quite free from the Dualistic principle of the Gnostics, at a later period too much identified with the teaching of Mani.

The quaint characteristics of the hilly site of the old town have largely been destroyed by modern improvements, which began in and were not quite completed in These two words, which are nearly but not quite synonymous, deate a single subject of inquiry, which presents itself under three different although connected and in a measure intermingled aspects. Wherever the soil is not quite suitable, but is capable of being made so, it is best to remedy the defect at the outset by trenching it all over to a depth of 2 or 3 ft. Just below the places where the aprons terminate, the glass is embraced by two insulated metal forks having the sharp points projecting towards the glass, but not quite touching it.

This displacement has been going on ever since, and it is not quite complete even to-day. The sulphate and chloride are similar, but they are not quite so unstable as the nitrate. In the population of Belgium was 3,, so that in 75 years it had not quite doubled. The evidence as to the date of his death is a little fuller, but not quite satisfactory. The geographical limits of the German language thus do not quite coincide with the German frontiers. The meaningof this claim is not quite clear, as there is some obscurity concerning the origin of the name Germani. The total German population was not quite a third of the whole.

The influence by which his policy was directed is not quite clear, but the Czechs had been of recent years less easy to deal with, and Taaffe had never really shown any wish to alter the constitution; his policy always was to destroy the influence of parliament by playing off one party against the other, and so to win a clear field for the government. It must be owned that the first perusal leaves on a European an impression of chaotic confusion - not that the book is so very extensive, for it is not quite as large as the New Testament.

With regard to their complexions, the same remarks apply to them as to the men, with only this difference, that their faces, being generally veiled when they go abroad, are not quite so much tanned as those of the men. The date at which these conceptions became general is not quite certain, but it can hardly be later than the Middle Kingdom, when the dead man has the epithet justified appended to his name in the inscriptions of his tomb.

What happened next is not quite clear. The details are not quite clear, but it seems tolerably certain that the prince and the bishop, anxious to retain their power, sought to induce Henry IV. The effort to fuse the masses of raw material into a well-proportioned whole is perhaps not quite successful; and Carlyle had not the full sympathy with Frederick which had given interest to the Cromwell.

The blocks are often not quite rectangular, and the courses sometimes change; but the general tendency is horizontal and the walls are not of remote antiquity, the irregularities in them being rather due to the hardness of the material employed, the rock of the hill itself. He has been called ambitious, turbulent, crafty, abject, vindictive, bloodthirsty and a good many other things besides, not quite in keeping with each other; in addition to which it is roundly asserted by Bishop Burnet that he was despised alike by Henry and by Mary, both of whom made use of him as a tool.

Other letters of Cicero, especially those written to persons with whom he was not quite at his ease or those meant for circulation, are composed in his elaborate style with long periods, parentheses and other devices for obscuring thought.

This is confirmed by the fact that the Milky Way is not quite a great circle of the celestial sphere, but has a mean south galactic latitude of about 1. It may be added that they do not quite realize what the copula exactly ifies: it does not ify existence, but it does ify a fact, namely, that something is or is not determined, either absolutely in a categorical judgment, or conditionally in a conditional judgment. There was scope for diversity of view and there was diversity of view, according as the vital issue of the formula was held to lie in the relation of intellectual function to organic function or in the not quite equivalent relation of thinking to being.

Those cities, on the other hand, where the mercantile community remained in power, like Nuremberg and the seaboard towns, on the whole followed a more enlightened policy, although even they could not quite keep clear of the ever-growing.

He was one of the first, if not quite the first, to propound the conception of periodicity among the chemical elements. A magnificent, magnanimous man; holding the reins of the world, not quite in the imaginary sense; scourging anarchy down, and urging noble effort up, really on a grand scale. The white port is grown in vineyards which are not quite so favoured as regards position as the red port growths. But while he went cordially with the king in domestic affairs, he was not quite in harmony with him on questions of foreign policy. In mineral products made up fully seven-eighths of the exports, while agricultural and pastoral products did not quite reach one-eighth.

In twenty-two years there were seventeen changes in the governorship. After that date changes, although not quite so rapid, were still frequent.

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By a partition, the motive of which is not quite certain, the districts south of the Forth and Clyde were erected into an earldom for Alexander's younger brother, David. Although few large salaries were paid, the perquisites attached to official positions were enormous; at the beginning of the 17th century, for example, the captain of Malacca received not quite boo yearly as his pay, but his annual profits from other sources were estimated at 20, The addition of even three parts of copper to one of silver does not quite obliterate the whiteness of the noble metal.

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This duty was formerly enforceable by indictment of the inhabitants of the parish, but it is not quite clear whether this procedure is applicable, now that the liability to repair is transferred to a council representing a wider area. The accusation of heresy has usually been dismissed as a slander; but recent investigations make it probable, though not quite certain, that Boniface privately held certain Averroistic tenets, such as the denial of the immortality of the soul.

When Leonardo, having received a commission for a picture, was found distilling for himself a new medium of oils and herbs before he had begun the de, the pope was convinced, not quite unreasonably, that nothing serious would come of it. The ultimate payer in these cases is no doubt reached without delay or many steps, but the process is not quite direct.

Such dues, in the nature of customs, are very common in continental cities, and yield large revenue to the local authorities, although they have been very generally, if not quite universally, abolished in the United Kingdom.

Hence bromide of potassium - or bromide of sodium, which is possibly somewhat safer still though not quite so certain in its action - is used as a hypnotic, as the standard anaphrodisiac, as a sedative in mania and all forms of morbid mental excitement, and in hyperaesthesia of all kinds. The formula of the acid is not quite definite.

They are hardy and prolific, but do not quite equal the Cotswolds in size. The reign of the Tories was unquestioned, Yet it was not quite what the reign of the Cavaliers had been in The middle ages did their best in this grouping; only here and there a rare spirit like Roger Bacon did something more, something altogether superior to his age, in showing that the faculty of independent scientific inquiry was not quite extinct. He stopped short of the catastrophe of the king's execution, and it seems likely that his subservience to Cromwell was not quite voluntary.

The Stoics were not quite agreed as to the immutability of virtue, but they were agreed that, when once possessed, it could only be lost through the loss of reason itself. He is convinced that virtue where it is more than a mere pretence is purely artificial; but not quite certain whether it is a useless trammel of appetites and passions that are advantageous to society, or a device creditable to the politicians who introduced it by playing upon the " pride and vanity " of the " silly creature man.

If we ask what actual motive we have for virtuous conduct, Hume's answer is not quite clear. The cruelty has not quite died out, but it is much rarer than formerly; and, generally speaking, the worst agrarianism has of late years been seen in the districts which retain most of the old features. Thus constructed, the ' prism produces no lateral shift of the transmitted pencil; a conical pencil, incident directly, has nearly constant polarization over its extent, and consequently the error in determining the polarization of a parallel pencil, incident not quite normally, is a minimum.

It is not quite so deep in the lower as in the upper teeth. It is not quite so thick as a goosequill when distended, and nearly a foot in length. The Clydesdale, the Scottish breed named from the valley of the Clyde, is not quite so large as the Shire, the average height of stallions being about 16 hands 2 in. Wet compression theoretically is not quite so efficient as dry compression, but it possesses practical advantages in keeping the working parts of the compressor cool, and it also greatly facilitates the regulation of the liquid, and ensures the full duty of the machine being continuously performed.

The Cretaceous deposits just described are followed by a series of Tertiary formations, but in Europe the continuity between Cretaceous and Tertiary is not quite complete. I does not quite correspond to anything in Westcott and Hort's system, but has points of contact with their " Western " text. They had six legs with little p for feet instead of toes and claws, a delicate snout not quite the length of an anteater's lined with fine hairs and tiny teeth used to vacuum up mold, dust, and dirt that was its main food source, and an odd habit of climbing walls with hidden suckers in its padded feet.

He seemed uncomfortable without the usual casket before him but was quite skillful in referring to Jeffrey Byrne's present status in sufficiently ambiguous terms as to not quite acknowledge Byrne was dead. They are all technically proficient, so I am not quite sure what the point actually is. So a propensity for some material to sound akin to the Hollies is not quite so surprising.

I do not quite like politics; I am too aristocratic, I fear, for that. Europeans are not quite so blithe on these matters, having seen the continent decimated twice in the past century by war.

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