Mom needs some friends

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When my friends complain that their parents are lonely or bored and keep asking to spend time with them, I am always amazed. I have the opposite problem. It's hard to get on my year-old mom's calendar! She doesn't have much money. Yet her days are always jam-packed with friends and fun activities. Go it alone.

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John and his wife had recently retired to Florida. One day, he showed up alone at our over bicycle club. Eventually he got to know us and now he and his wife get together socially with members of the group. Are you waiting to be invited to do something new?

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It might not happen. So why not find something fun to do and organize it yourself? Keep up with technology. Are you getting the most out of your computer and phone?

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But there are so many ways to improve your social life using technology, such as:. Become more interesting. As you read or view something interesting, jot it down. Take a look at your notes as a reminder before you meet up with friends or family.

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When there is a lull in conversation, you can bring these things up. People will start seeking you out because it's fun to talk to you. So why not find something fun to do with others and organize it yourself? Here are some examples:. Cultivate charm. Being charming is a really good start. Charming people show a sincere interest in others, which is at the heart of what it means to be charming.

If you need to brush up on your charm skills, here are some foolproof tips:. If you share these ideas with your parents and they still won't reach out to make friends or try new activities, you might need to get more involved in the process. Did you know that there are nearly 10, senior centers that serve more than one million older adults daily throughout the U. You can find ones in your area by searching Google or by reaching out to your Area Agency on Aging.

It's open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a. The staff at senior centers can also help foster friendships. And the best part? You might not even have to drive Mom or Dad to the senior center.

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Many community programs offer free or reduced transportation. In the Erie, Pa. Looking for additional places to help your parents get more social? Local religious organizations, churches and temples often offer activity programs. Many are open to the entire older adult community regardless of religious affiliation.

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At that point, you might just need to set some limits. Search Search. Health All Health. The Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Mom needs some friends

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What do stay-at-home moms need? Friends