Love in lockerbie

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After a horrible tragedy comes a story of hope: A daughter and stepson of Pan Am Flight passengers will be married next week. It has been, to put it mildly, an annus horribilis for the families of Pan Am Flight Their wretched year began Aug. But their yearlong ordeal will end on an upbeat, life-affirming note—the wedding of two young Pan Am family members who met at a memorial gathering and promptly fell for each other.

Love has bloomed amid an otherwise painful period, marred by outrages large and small.

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I appreciated him for being my little protector. We also share a lot in our religious faith, too. The couple plans to be married in suburban New Jersey on Aug. Sonia was 7, the youngest of three children, when her father, Elia Stratis, a globetrotting forensic ant, was killed over Scotland.

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Chris was a teenager when his father, Russell, married a young widow named Kathy Daniels; her first husband, Bill Daniels, was also aboard the doomed flight. After his father married Kathy, Chris ed a blended family with three new siblings who had lost their father, and he suddenly had a personal stake in a very public tragedy.

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As a member of a National Guard unit based across the Hudson River in northern New Jersey, he participated in recovery and cleanup efforts at ground zero, spending a week rooting around the ash and rubble in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the World Trade Center. He does work in mysterious ways.

But seeing how these two young people are getting together, and there will be many Pan Am families attending the wedding—and this will be the first such wedding in our little history of 21 years—we are all amazed at the joy that has come out of something so horrendous.

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Love in lockerbie

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