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She grew up with gospel music and can sing like an angel. But this multi-talented, multi-octave singer has been through some highs and lows in the years since, both personally and professionally. And some of the lows have been very public: missed concert dates, forgotten lyrics, a run-in with the law. Where is Whitney headed?

We met her when she was She just turned We also saw her seemingly self destructive plunge to the bottom. She is now more frequently seen in gossip columns than concert halls. Her image selling tabloids, not CDs: drama, dirt and drugs. She was barely more than 20 when her first album became the best selling female debut album in history.

She smiled at us from one magazine cover to the next, but gradually, year after year, her public image cracked. By the end of the 90s, her career plunged, too, with fewer concerts, fewer CDs sold and no new movies. So this past May, Whitney packed up her troubles, her husband, her daughter, and we saw, 30 suitcases, and went halfway around the world. Was she just escaping her life. Or was she finally ready to confront it? She flew from the desert city of lights Las Vegas to the desert town of Dimona.

So was Whitney here for religion or rehab? This makes it even more of a mystery, though it seems the spirit of the Holy Land has set in rather quickly. Their hosts are taking Whitney and Bobby to tour the desert by bus, heading to spiritual moments, tense moments, strange moments, and the occasional mandatory stop of any scenic route.

Sax player Whalum was there, in the background, watching the daily grind of success slowly chip away at the icon. But many believe that the man she ultimately grabbed on to did not anchor Whitney — he sank her.

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Like her, he launched his career in his teens, and by the time they met he was well on his way to having four hits in the top five. They had stardom in common. But she was buttoned up in sequin gowns, he, well, he liked taking his clothes off on stage. There seemed to be no connection and definitely no future. Is it a match made in heaven? Oh wait a minute! Oh, wait a minute.

The couple, so solid, so volatile had several awkward moments during their visit. But none more public than a recent pose. She fidgets to find her place. And then, cameras ablaze, she decides to make a statement: not so much about the Mideast conflict as about the peace process in her own household.

She is on a spiritual retreat. The highlight of her trip is yet to come, but low moments like these, suggest a star on her own planet. It first became noticeable in the late 90s. A string of appearances and disappearances raised the possibility that Whitney Houston may have a problem. She would be late on stage. Biographer Parrish can list one public appearance cancelled after the next, throat problems, exhaustion, city after city, shorter and shorter notice.

So, what exactly was the problem? By the late 90s, the tabloids were having a field day accusing her of marijuana and cocaine use. But starting in Marcha series of events took the rumor-mill to the mainstream press. It began when Whitney was rehearsing to sing at the Oscars. She did not know the words. By the time the show was on, Whitney was out. She was replaced. But it was another concert, in Augustthat suggested she was nose-diving. It was the Michael Jackson tribute concert.

She did show up — or at least a fraction of her did. Last year, she admitted publicly to drug use, insisting it was in the past. She said she was so thin due to stress, that she was never an addict. But the string of bad news did not come to an end. Late last year, her new CD came out.

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And the buying public agreed, making it her worse selling album ever. But back in New Jersey there were still some unresolved problems. Whitney may be in Israel on a fresh new start, but back home, one man is trying to make her confront her past. His name is Kevin Skinner. And he says that inthe star asked them to help her troubled career.

Skinner says he was personally involved in clearing up the only public incident that firmly links the star to drugs. On January 11,Whitney was at an airport in Hawaii on her way home, when a security check uncovered marijuana in her bag. According to police reports she was asked to wait for the police, but the star boarded her scheduled flight and took off.

Am I going to jail?

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In letters to Whitney, her father and his partner contend they worked with authorities in Hawaii and New Jersey to keep the singer from getting a criminal record. She pled no contest to a misdemeanor drug offense and eventually charges were dropped.

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But Kevin says he became routinely involved in trying to keep Whitney away from drugs. Skinner knows the drug world well, maybe too well. Maybe ten, fifteen years ago. Years ago, yes. We used to engage in a lot of activity with drugs. So, why is this man suddenly airing all this dirty laundry in public? This may explain it: a lawsuit. Yes, that is father suing daughter. So what does the diva have to say about all this? And as for her father, her lawyers argue that what advice she took from him was as daddy. And perhaps father and daughter would have been able to resolve this matter.

But this February, John Houston passed away. Whitney paid her final respects privately at his open casket but did not attend his funeral. Two years of fending off rumors and allegations of drug use, insisting she is not an addict. And according to news reports, she is taking control of her life. Not in rehab, but through her faith.

Prince Asiel is the African Hebrew Israelites liaison in the States, and two years ago he approached the star. On August 9, Whitney turned Back in Israel, Whitney Houston was about to do something she had only done once before in her life.

The first time was in New Jersey, this time, in the Jordan River. And this is the stuff of gospel music. The African Israelites took Whitney to be baptized.

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In the river where, tradition has it, John baptized Christ himself. Yes, she is on a cell phone. Because the voice seems to still be there. And we are marveling at that. But also still just a step from greatness. You kind of get hard a little bit, you know? You kind of get a little firm, a little stiff, you know so that you can take the blows, you know? Kinda bounce off and come back you know. Whitney Houston describes her life as one in transition.

And some in the recording industry say her music may benefit. After years as a pop star, they tell us they hope to see Whitney take her hard-earned life experience and pour it into a new sound, one more mature and spiritually based. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

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Looking for you know whotinau seen her

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