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I had a jumpseat pass filled out and was willing to do that to get to SLC. They still get on ahead of our buddy pass riders. So my question is was the buddy pass getting on the flight ahead of me propper procedure? Second, when does the non-rev list close on Skywest flights? On the second flight the last non-rev, also a buddy pass rider walked up 5 mins after scheduled departure and was boarded.

They held the flight for him even though my wife, daughter and I were in the gate house ready to go. I have to conform to the Dress code that Delta has published. One of the buddy pass riders was wearing shorts. I asked the agent at the gate about it and she said that was propper attire for a Skywest non-rev. I then asked if it would be alright for my family to put on shorts and she said we would be denied boarding. Why the difference? I understand that non-reving on the west coat or anywhere can be difficult at best.

I would like to think that when I am in the right seat spinning the wheel I will make it happen for any non-rev or jumpseater if I can.

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That is just a good practice because you never know when you might need the help. It just sucks when you think you got the shaft. Skywest pilots, If I did get the shaft who do I call so this doesn't happen again. ed Nov 25, Posts 4, Total Time.

Click to expand Getting somebody fired is not my goal, just want to know if what happened is what should have happened. I also wanted to let Delta, ASA, and Comair pilots know that if this is the correct procedure they need to look at the buddy pass riders a little closer. ed Jul 22, Posts Total Time I am usually the last non-rev on the list. ed Oct 12, Posts 5, Total Time Dress Code Guidelines Dress code guidelines vary among carriers. Always check with the operating carrier before traveling.

Nonrevenue travel on SkyWest flights will follow the same non-rev travel procedures and guidelines as a Delta flight with the exception of the boarding priority. Sorry for the sloppy post, but it is mostly cut and pasted info from dalweb.

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Last edited: Aug 5, ed Nov 29, Posts Total Time Just a shot in the dark here, because I know it's apples and oranges, but maybe the buddy pass riders were travelling with the employee? If they're alone, then they're bottom of the barrell. I never really understand what goes on behind the counter half the time, its like trying to get info out of Fort Knox. I usually just shake my head and walk over to LUV! SSDD Well-known member. ed Mar 20, Posts 1, Total Time 17, Sorry, my original post was not completely accurate. ed Nov 11, Posts Total Time. This is news to me. I don't nonrev on Skywest too often.

Sort of bullcrap if you ask me. That means Delta essentially charters the Skywest aircraft to fly where we want to them to fly. Which means DL is basically chartering the whole aircraft, and as such DL is buying all 50 seats on an OO aircraft every time. By extension, all 50 of those seats technically belong to Delta, not Skywest. Very interesting.

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If you could find out it would help me out. ed Dec 11, Posts Total Time Trip is right on both counts: 1. SkyWest buddy passes are S3C2. SkyWest buddy passes are for SkyWest only. They don't count for mainline Delta or UAL flights, which obviously can be a severe handicap for anyone trying to travel on a SkyWest buddy pass.

If there is in fact a higher priority on SkyWest for SkyWest buddy passes I don't know that there is that might be a logical explanation. By the way, as far as the crews go at SkyWest, I've never seen a single person who doesn't go above and beyond to accomodate non-revs and jumpseaters as long as we're informed of them of courseregardless of what airline the non-revs are from. The crews are totally accomodating and professional, and it's greatly appreciated. I assume that's the case at all regionals. You'd have to be a pretty big a-hole to discriminate against a fellow crewmember or their family based on what airline they happen to work for.

Big L. I will ask at the gate when I get back to work and report back! ed Sep 18, Posts 1, Total Time. In no way should an employee be bumped for a buddy pass any buddy pass. If this happened to me, I would contact the pass bureau and maybe even send an to the station manager asking for an explanation.

They should take this seriously. Pass benefits are one of the last benefits that have remained largely untouched, and it's a shame to see people get hosed like this. Mu2Driver Well-known member. They were all on S3B passes as Non-Dependents. After it was all over and I didn't get a seat, I asked the agent, and she said "they are on S3B passes and you are on S3C.

It was no big deal cuz I got on the next Delta flight 2 hours later, but it goes to show you that things do get messed up and you have to double check them sometimes. I asked a couple of gates and of course recieved different answers, probably not intentional on the gates part. Your wife should have been above a OO buddy.

Thanks for looking into it Trip. I really appreciate it. See ya down the road. Mu2Driver said:. Post reply. Insert quotes….

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Looking for delta comair buddy

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