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Hearing constant updates about the news and worrying developments of friends and family can feel overwhelming. Whether on a video call with a friend or socializing with your family at home, there are several conversation starters you can turn to when you are looking to talk about anything but the coronavirus.

No matter who you are speaking with, some mention of the pandemic is likely to come up.

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When discussion about the coronavirus comes up, use it as a springboard to steer the conversation back to the person and how he or she is adapting to this new normal, she said. Ask whether the person has developed any new hobbies, learned any new recipes or how he or she is adjusting to working remotely, if applicable.

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Gottsman said. If there are children in your household, one way of keeping their minds off the news is to ask them to teach you a skill or show you how they do something.

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If your child loves guitar, for example, ask why he or she loves that particular hobby or when he or she started getting into it. RoAne said. Brown said. And if none of your loved ones are consuming the same content, you can dedicated groups on Facebook and other message boards for just about every aspect of pop culture you might be interested in.

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There are plenty of online gaming options available, like the trivia website Sporcle and apps like Words With Friends. If you are playing with your housemates, use whatever board games, cards or puzzles you may have on hand. There is no shortage of delightful, wacky stories on the internet right now to draw from and discuss. At a zoo in Belgium, a family of orangutans have befriended some otters.

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Shaggy goats are trotting around a seaside town in Wales. The actor and comedian Jack Black is on TikTok.

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If you want to provoke conversation, now is a great time to be extremely online, Ms. Start off your conversations by gushing about these more joyful stories. Reframe the Conversation No matter who you are speaking with, some mention of the pandemic is likely to come up.

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Some Conversation Starters I have a great recipe to show you! Have you tried any new recipes? Are you binge-watching anything good right now? Have you read anything good lately? Have you been out for a walk or bike ride today?

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How are you dressing for the office or at home now? Have you been working on any projects?

Lets chat im board

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