I am a very outgoing woman

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How to STOP Being Shy and Awkward (FOREVER)

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Enter more details. I had this happen on a few occasions. I had noticed one of the event hosts was quite the gregarious type. A social butterfly, very outgoing with everyone, Very fun. She's the kind of person that tries to get I guess somewhat shy people, out of their shells. Of course, I never knew myself to be shy, but I think she think so. I do agree, I am not as outgoing as she is though. Or at least the quiet type. I mean, I do engage in mingling, but I guess she thought I was a wall flower? I dunno. She did a lot of flirting with me.

But she's kind of outgoing, so it's hard to tell if she's attracted or not. She's one of those people where you cannot tell if she has the hots for you, or her friends say, "Oh, she's that way with everyone! She's a widow. He was of the same demeanor apparently. Basically, I didn't have to do anything to get her attention.

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When the party was breaking up, she asked me to walk her to her car and we talked a bit at her car before I closed the door. She thanked me for being a gentleman and we said good night and see each other at future events.

I dunno, it kind of threw me for a loop, but she said since she was the outgoing one, and the husband, the quite one, that they "complimented" each other. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. ThisGal Send a private message. I think a lot of women have this need to "break in" or "fix" a guy. So, an aloof or shy guy may intrigue some women cuz they wanna "fix" him and make him "normal". In other words, some women like to take on "projects".

Be careful with that cuz once the project is completed in this case, if you become more outgoingthey may bore of you and move on to their next "project". If you're not a "project", be careful that she isn't indulging you cuz your shortcomings may make her feel better about herself - which can result in her disrespecting you i.

Edited on January 25, at UTC by the author. Supervillain Send a private message. ThisGal : In other words Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. I am very outgoing talk to everyone while my husband is more on the quiet side. But he is far from boring he is just not as out there as I am. We really fit well together he very much adds to my life. We are crazy about each other even after many years together Shy men are usually a turn off for many women. Balancing each other is the key. Hierophant Send a private message.

While two hard core introverts may struggle to maintain connection with each other because they both keep within their own little worlds.

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It is true that outgoing women can lavish attention on everyone. But I would guess she had a genuine interest in you because she asked you to walk her to her car and said you reminded her of her late husband. I actually married my husband thinking he was an extrovert, and it turns out he's not.

But if you met him you'd be sure he was. These labels can be misleading. He said he forced himself to become an extrovert, basically because it was necessary for his job. Zombie Send a private message. Outgoing women are more likely to talk to men introverted or not than introverted women are. Men tend to interpret conversation with women they don't know well as potential or actual interest.

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Are you sure you're not mistaking correlation for causation here in your general statement? Thank you for being a gentleman means you missed your chance to ask her to go for a drink. You can be a gentleman and still make a move. I agree with hiero. Most of my very good friendships have more or less this dynamic. I'm rather the quiet type of guy, more of a listener and my friends tend to be very outgoing, chatty so what hiero says does make a lot of sense. There's a reason why opposites attract.

While my friends like to talk for aeons, I don't mind being the listener and just contribute when I feel it's the right moment. Those two personalities actually do compliment each other. It's like one person being the wind under the others wings.

Mutually beneficial. So if someone of the opposite sex talks to you, your default opinion is that she is hot for you? If this is what you thought, why didn't you find out for sure? Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Dating Anonymous Should I be more decisive or try to drag it out? Anonymous Felt date went horrible - she seems ok with meeting again?

Anonymous My gf never cries? Anonymous What to do? Anonymous Is this weird?

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I am a very outgoing woman

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Outgoing women attracted to introverted guys?