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Ron Hubbard. The captivating film earned her a fourth Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress and solidifies her impressive versatility on-screen. Senior West Coast editor Krista Smith caught up with Adams for a pre-Oscars discussion about her professional insecurities, filming that intense masturbation scene with Hoffman, and her future roles as Janis Joplin and Lois Lane. Highlights from their chat:. You need to know her.

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What does it feel like? No stress. I just get to show up in a dress and drink champagne. No, I never. Has that ever happened? I want to talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman. What do you call him?

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This is your third movie together. And I felt it first on Doubt when we were doing a scene and it just felt real; it felt like it was actually happening.

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I know, but what is it about me? The more intimidating the person seems, the more I just want to crawl up in their lap and figure them out. I was definitely intimidated by Phil, but I wanted his attention so badly. So I became this kind of like puppy-dog presence around him. Are you comfortable? Can I get you a scarf? A drink? When I saw this movie, I was mesmerized. And how many times did you have to do that scene? Quickly, thankfully. Thank you, Paul, for being so collaborative. He took us into the space so we could visualize it, and then explained how he was going to shoot it. So we just worked out where he would have to put the camera, and it was very technical.

We only had to shoot it two or three times. People-pleaser coming out. I can sometimes drive myself a little crazy on set trying to be perfect, which is so uninteresting.

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I am so far away from perfect. So I think there was some tension. Oh no. That was fun. Darren was terrified of her.

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I have to get some sleep. All right, all right?

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I have to give you a lot of credit for the diversity of the parts that you pick, or the parts that pick you. Thank you. I literally went from The Master into shooting Man of Steel in like three days. It was pretty surreal.

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Well, I like girls in the media, Krista. Always have good glasses and a smart pencil skirt. But you know I love a pencil skirt. It was so fun, such a departure from anything I had done before. And more challenging than I expected, in the nature of creating these whole entire worlds that are not there. In this business, some actors have been practicing their Oscar speech since they were eight years old; others fall into it.

Your trajectory, in one sense, is really traditional. You were doing dinner theater in Minnesota and you happen to go out on a casting call and get cast. It is the story that dreams are made of. But did you ever think about what your goal was? In an abstract way. What can I do at this moment in my life that feels authentic? I thought, If I can make money doing what I love, that sounds great. If I can pay my bills, if I can eat, essentially. I lived on that. You know exactly where that is. I was literally living in fear, not because it was a bad neighborhood, per say, but I was in downtown Denver at You only have a choice to keep moving forward.

People make hundreds of independent films, but not everyone ends up getting nominated for an Oscar for them.

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I have been very lucky, and I really love acting. When I was a kid, I practiced doing commercials because there was this girl in my class that did commercials and I was really jealous of her. How was it working with Paul Thomas Anderson? HWD Daily From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter.

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