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We all know how important it is to schedule time for yourself! Just click on these handy links to see the ideas for each! Everyone needs a girls night out OR girls night in every once in a while. Movie Night. Binge watching some Bachelor definitely screams girls night out to me!

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And in addition to this fun viewing party idea, we have cute invites to match. First, have each girl bring a handful of items from their own house that they are ready to part with and then exchange them with treasures from other guests. Book Club. For example, you could let someone pick a new book each month, or choose a different genre of book if you really want to keep it interesting.

Have each girl bring over their favorite magazines for a night of celebrity gossip and fun! Above all, simple and delicious wins every time. As a result, this next idea is a smash hit for any party. Have each guest bring her favorite finger food to this ladies night for dipping in fondue.

You get to try a bunch of different recipes and most importantly, go home with a unique plate of goodies. This freezer meal party allows every guest to go home with a variety of ready-made meals. Certainly, nothing is better than having a freezer stocked full of food when you have those busy days and no time to cook!

First, choose one main dish or a variety of dishes for a fun night in the kitchen. Host a paint night at home! No worries! Did you know that make gorgeous paint by s for adults?! They do! We absolutely love this next idea for all of you crafty ladies because it certainly allows you to put those skills to good use. This idea is perfect for the holidays! So either choose the nearest holiday and select a craft that corresponds or just host a monthly craft night and rotate who chooses and hosts each month.

Another unique idea that similarly allows you to take something home that is both beautiful and useful. So pick any craft you want, gather supplies, and give it your best shot. For this next girls night out idea, either allow guests to paint their own nails or set up a system where you take turns pampering each other. Make-up Tutorials. Have a professional or a friend teach make-up tips and tricks.

For instance, you could have everyone bring their own makeup or you could get a great makeup kit with LOTS of makeup options and mirrors for everyone. Hit up your local thrift store and see who can find the best item. Turn girls night into a girls day at the spa! For instance, you could try out some of these relaxing DIY ideas! Wrapping gifts can be such a chore!

So bring lots of wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons, and get to work. Full rules are listed in the link! If you want an easy girls night out idea, they say coloring is a great stress reliever! An adult form of tie-dying! So easy…and who knew?! It might not be as common, but it is still such a useful skill to know. So find a friend or mom that knows how and make a night out of it!

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These are fun to make AND after that, you can use them at future girls night out parties. De-stress with a yoga session with your closest friends. You can have one of your friends teach some moves or grab a DVD. A classic game that is sure to be a good time. However, if you want to switch up a little, try our fun list of Bowling Ideas! If you need an idea you can feel great about, then this is it. Just find a local service project or volunteering opportunity and get to work.

They always say you are more successful at reaching a goal when you do it with another person, so this idea is perfect to do with a group of girlfriends.

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In addition, it will give you a little extra motivation toward your health goals. Just make sure to not get carried away and buy ALL the things. I absolutely LOVE bunco, so I had to include this kit with the cutest printables to make your own bunco night a huge success! First, write questions on a big ball. Then toss it around for a fun conversation starter.

Now you have a fun way to learn more about your favorite gal pals! Certainly, everyone loves ice cream! And this fun idea takes almost no prep! So compete against your friends to see who can eat the most ice cream before their candle burns out. Take girls night to the mall for a fun scavenger hunt. Just be sure to schedule some extra time to buy yourself some fun items too! These fun ideas are all about going the extra mile to make your girlfriends feel special. We have put together the cutest themes for you to use for your ladies night and also some awesome party games to match. With these great girls night out ideas, your next ladies night will really stand out!

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Each person brings something they want to part with to swap with others. As a result, this idea is a win-win for every guest! Most importantly, you can use it over and over again. This is a classic idea for a modern night, and these adorable photo booth props will have your guests swooning. Spa Party. And these DIY spa ideas will help you create a great spa party with fresh foods and a fresh face. Gather together to start your own fairy, mini, or herb garden. Even your non-green thumb friends could do this one!

This gorgeous boho inspired night is the perfect setting to sit around and relax while catching up with your girls. Sometimes nothing beats a good old-fashioned tea party. Dress up or dress down! But most importantly, have fun with your girl friends doing whatever you please with this perfect excuse to get comfy chic.

Your foodie friends will certainly love this girls night in idea filled with fancy and delicious food. If you plan on doing manis and pedis, set the mood by adding a theme to the entire night. Also, you could have everyone bring their own polish to share, or get a fancy na il polish set with some fun new colors! So put on your flapper dress, put on a cute boa, and watch the movie with your gal pals. Even if you live in a small town, this NYC themed party is the perfect way to bring the big apple to you!

No need to get all fancy for this one, or even wear real pants for that matter. So put on your comfiest PJs and eat breakfast food while you bond with your friends. Taco Tuesday. Gather the girls next Tuesday for tacos, because this girls night out idea is an easy and tasty idea that everyone will love.

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Is it really even a girls night without delicious food? I mean, I love my friends, but I certainly know that the way to any ladies heart well at least mine is through her stomach! Give your guests a taste of Italy with this cannoli dip that is completely delish! Charcuterie boards are a favorite around here, and certainly this display of food would be a crowd pleaser for even the pickiest of guests. Skewers are a great way to get a variety of finger foods in one sitting.

But most importantly, no dishes! A unique combo with awesome flavor. This next one is a great variation on your typical recipe. Seems like the perfect snack for a group full of hungry ladies. These pizza bites are a great low-carb option. And most importantly, they are seriously delicious! Anything bite sized is a hit for a large group because you can have as many as you want without the guilt! So go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it!! These would pair perfectly with your tropical or luau party and it seems like a great excuse to eat shrimp!

So trust me when I say, these burritos are as delicious as they are adorable. Bring the outdoors in with this delicious take on a classic treat. Although it may be sticky, it will be worth it! Finally, -like treat for your adult-like tastes! Savory, sultry, and sweet, just like you ladies!

Girls night out buddy

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85 Fun Girls Night Out Ideas that are Unique and Cheap!