Fuck girls Stanley

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Stanley the most calmest cuttest sweetest nicest funniest guy you'll ever meet.

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He knows how to treat and look out or take care of best friends and people. He's talented with what he does and a bit weird.

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You can trust him with everything and he'll help you out as much as possble. He's one of those ppl you just want to be bestfriends with him and soemtimes he doesnt know wat he's doing. Take me word he's the best hugger out there and loves to cuddle.

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He always goes out with friends but always makes sure he has time for someone he likes. He acts stupid in the funiest ways.

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His hair is so amazing like you just want iht ppl love touchin it and cant stop loving it take my word for it. If you meet him your one of the luckiest persons out there even though you think he's shy and quiet and wont talk or sumdum shyt he did to you. Wat the efff r u doin stanley. Stanley : nutin calm down be chill jeez.

A guy who follows the rules and breaks the rules.

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How does he do both? There once was a man named Stanley, who people considered so manly, but the truth must be told, he was not very old, and was particularly quite gangly.

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A person who has an amazing personality. This is also the type of person to hang out with girls and date. He tends to hide his personal life and upcoming music projects which he will only share with his loved one. Girls Stanley music career successful amazing life singing loved. Doing something stupid or clumsy which is also hilarious. He's gone and done a Stanley! A great guy that has a great personality. He treats all his women with respect but also makes everything dirty, and pleasures women in every possible way!

Stanley is a great sex partner that loves to cuddle and do everything. Women can't keep their hands off of Stanley because he's so sexy.

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Stanley is also another way to talk about a huge penis. There's tons of nice people and almost every kid has at least a 3.

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This town is also home to the inventor of the diving boardRay Rude! The oil boom did affect Stanley but mostly In a positive way! It's a beautiful town! You should visit sometime! Stanley is such a great place to raise kids!

A fatass 12 year old fucker. If he runs at you, it's game over. Also an amazing goalie. Nobody getting through him. Authorities are very confused as to why witnesses were saying kids were screaming" u fat ass bitch ". We update you on progress as the day goes on.

Fuck girls Stanley

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