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With much buzz surrounding the recently released Grammy Award nominations, it seems as though electronic dance music is receiving a platform to be finally be recognized more and more by the public eye. Monica Goob - Sep 6, PM. Skrillex is one of the most well-known DJ and producer in the industry, especially in the dubstep world. He was one of the first figures to bring those heavy-hitting beats to popularity, leading others to follow suit.

Liz Small - Jun 26, AM. When Dog Blood announced their third EP people were excited for good reason.

Boys Noize - Overthrow (Official Video)

Joshua Dean - Apr 8, AM. The sun and the sky, peanut butter and jelly, fish to the sea… the list could go on and on. Grace Fell - Nov 23, PM. Boys Noize is a tech god that needs no introduction; however, ELAX, his darker alter-ego, is one you may not be as familiar with, so let us enlighten you.

Heather Kupka - Oct 30, PM. This week end is huge.

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Steven Mason - Oct 1, PM. Courtney Longhurst - Sep 1, PM. Berlin-based producer Alexander Ridha, a. All rights reserved.

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Subscribe Now. Gammer - Sunbar. Crizzly - Shady Park.

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MK - The Van Buren. Jantsen - Shady Park.

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Pickle - Shady Park. Arty — Odyssey - Sunbar.

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Good Times Ahead - Shady Park. Nazaar - Raves Club.

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New Date — Luttrell - Shady Park. Follow Us. up for SMS.

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Boys Noize Announces “Techno Tuesday” Livestream Happening RIGHT NOW