22 yr old looking for older

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The worst part is that women who my age are now more and more attracted to guys who look like "men", whereas at least when I was younger girls would be more open to "cute" guys. I am a 22 year old male college senior who if you saw a picture of me would probably guess that i'm no older than 16 years old. I'm five foot eight short compared to most guys my age but with a slender skinny frame too and weigh no more than lbs.

So basically I have the weight you'd expect a woman my height to have. My face is absolutely smooth except for a bit of pathetic barely-peach-fuzz above my lips and on my chin that would take a week of growing just to be even slightly visible. My face isn't exactly round but it's not like I have a prominent enough jaw that it helps me look any older. All this puts me squarely as looking like a high school sophomore. In my entire time in college i've had one hookup and that was my freshman year with another freshman.

Before that I had one half-serious girlfriend freshman year in high school and about two others that never went anywhere. Since I feel like i've been frozen in time for a few years, I feel like my peers are "separating themselves from the pack", so to speak, and i'm left behind. Half my friends when we go to a bar aren't even carded while they always make a big deal about looking at my ID, like they're in disbelief I can be older than It's not even that i'm unattractive, I don't think. I can go to a shopping mall and have girls who are 13 to 16 years old flirt with me and show interest.

On multiple occasions 14 year old girls i've never met have straight up approached me or passed me by and told me that i'm "really cute" or something along those lines. This is all funny to me of course because when I actually WAS 16, I looked more like I was 12, and and such didn't receive any kind of attention from those girls back then.

Even if I was interested in girls that age I couldn't pursue them anyway without winding up in prison or something. Unfortunately, girls in my age category,are more interested in the guys who actually look like adults; guys that clearly have facial hair even though they shave you can still tellguys who weigh more and have a bigger frame don't tell me to just "work out", I have a inherited very slender body type.

I feel like I'm invisible now a days even though I try and dress "older" and such. It's hard to gain respect when you look like you can't even drive. What is there that I can do? It's genetic as my dad and grandfather were the same way. When i'm 25 i'll probably look like i'm When I'm 35 i'll probably look like i'm still in college. How am I going to gain any kind of respect in a business setting, in which i'll be working starting next year?

How do you convince women, especially women in their mid 20s to give you a chance when you look like you're a high school underclassman? Anyone else going through or has been through this? I imagine it gets worse as everyone else really starts to age and you fit in even less. EDIT : A lot of sage, yet conflicting advice so far. I see "work out more" and "wear adult clothing" seem to be the most common suggestions. I already work out some, and my body type won't allow me to put on that much bulk.

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As for clothing, if anyone knows where a broke college student can get nice shirts that fit someone small like me, i'd be happy to hear where. I think this may be necessary. Exactly how young does he look? He could be exaggerating a bit. I'd rather not post any publicly Sometimes I think girls my age are still immature. I can't imagine trying to deal with high school girls again now that i'm I think the age of consent in my state is 16, but i'd still feel creepy as hell. Not really interested in that route anyways.

Yup, I'm with you. Do what you need to do, and tap whatever you can. I had a similar problem. I didn't grow into myself until I was years old. My suggestions: work out, dress like an adult, and be happy because you will probably look like you're 20 when you're Hunt cougars who want pretty looking young men in need of a sugar momma.

I'm pretty sure those "cougars" are still hoping for men who look like they could at least legally drink. I was in your same situation. I'm 37 now, and I look about 25 these days. I get asked for ID buying booze about once every couple of weeks.

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I hated it when I was younger, but I love it now. There are some fantastic things about looking younger than you are, and some negative things too, as you've found out. I will talk about the positives, since they outweigh the negatives in my experience. First, it gets to be more and more of an advantage as you get older. Teens are so eager to grow up, to look more mature and to be treated as adults. Once you hit 25 onwards, everyone wants to be young again. You are older than 25 for a lot longer than you are younger.

Plus, thats the time you have money, stable hormones and know what you want. Believe it or not, if you aim for women a couple of years older than yourself, you'll do much better. Most women want a bit of mystery, and someone who looks like they don't have life experience or haven't grown up yet are offputting to a woman who is looking for a chance to see where life can take her. Find a girl a little bit older who knows what she wants instead, or a little bit younger who doesn't care yet. Remember that whenever you are talking to a girl, you have the advantage.

Its a great way to meet people, and it takes away the need for all that ridiculous posturing that lots of guys feel they have to do, and I hate being fake gets old quick. Ive had quite a few women opine to me that they wish guys of their age were as understanding. Time spent cultivating your personality is never wasted.

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Once you hit around 30, there is a golden period where you are a perfect fit for woman who want a mature man, but still see themselves with a younger body type. Other guys of your age will also see you as less threatening, and then wonder why you are the person attracting all the conversation. Being interesting, confident and a nice guy is the best way to meet women. Looking younger is an interesting quirk that you can easily use to your advantage. Just be sure you are nice along with it as you get older.

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What he said. I'm 38 and look 28'ish, from general consensus. I am dating a year-old and people think I am in my prime. This may be the one and only "blessing" term used loosely I have ever experienced. Embrace the gift. It will return more rewards than you can imagine in future years. We should meet up and look like a high school couple together. I'm 22 and people always think I'm about 16, it's beyond frustrating because no one takes me seriously until I start talking and they realize I know a few things.

Last week some idiot customer was bitching to me at work and she finished her rant with "you don't understand bc of your age," I had to explain to this 17 yr old that I'm actually 22 and just finished undergrad at a UC, she didn't believe me. My dream job is to be that girl on To Catch a Predator, I could pull it off so well, "Just have a seat, I have some cookies in the oven. I honestly don't think girls have it as bad. If anything, the older ones envy the younger looking ones for their looks, and I know that guys don't mind it either; in fact, some prefer it even.

Meanwhile, men are expected to look "distinguished" as they age It's really hard to find good clothing in my size. Whenever I wear a suit for some of my business classes, I always feel like i'm wearing a costume. Act confident. Get proper fitting clothes no matter the cost. Found the internet! Posted by 11 years ago. I imagine it gets worse as everyone else really starts to age and you fit in even less EDIT : A lot of sage, yet conflicting advice so far. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

Move Re-enroll in high school Avoid Chris Hansen. Re-enroll in high school Yup, I'm with you. Best advice? And I much prefer women my own biological age, anyways. TL;DR You have a superpower. Use it wisely. Give it time and dress more like an adult. More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Jan 25, Top posts october 3rd Top posts of october, Top posts Back to Top.

22 yr old looking for older

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